Our relationship with a jury is very special and unique.

josh-kartonIt can be a wonderfully satisfying experience. However, if we don’t prepare and handle it correctly it could be devastating to our client and case. Joshua Karton is a nationally known trial consultant and teacher of trial advocacy who helps prepare us to succeed.

In episode two of the Whole Lawyer podcast we’ll explore with Josh some of the most essential principles of a successful relationship with the jury. We’ll discover exercises on dealing with fear and preparation, and the keys to truthful and moving presentations.

In this episode you will discover:

  • The key of establishing a relationship and not being tied to notes or a script
  • The meaning of “it’s better to lose 10 facts then one juror”
  • The importance of story and how if we do not provide one to the jury they will provide their own
  • How talking to the jurors is not how our relationship starts but rather how it ends
  • That public speaking is ranked higher in fears than death, and exercises to understand and overcome it
  • How to see your fear as an ally
  • That analysis taught in law school leads us to “platinum constipation”
  • How specific exercises before trial help us relate to jurors on a human level and remove the wall between us
  • How our willingness to be seen simply standing in front of the jury is one of the most important first steps
  • How the ability to be present before speaking a word is like a muscle that needs training
  • How the 10 word telegram exercise can help
  • The importance to communication of relating from a personal place and how Robin Williams’ standup comedy expressed himself “beyond the script”
  • How juries are a unique and special type of audience because they supply the ending to the story, not the lawyer
  • How story helps jurors reach a result well before final argument
  • The John Steinbeck quote that addresses the key to our relationship with juries and other audiences
  • A teaching exercise to make an empty fact pattern come alive

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