We firmly believe that a lawyer’s first “fiduciary duty” is to him or her self.  If a lawyer is not at 100% personally he or she cannot fully enjoy life or help others.  We also believe that balance needs to be reached both mentally and physically. Long hours, conflict and stressful work lead many lawyers to place their physical and mental well-being low on the priority list.  The following will help:

Physical Health

If you are interested in improving your physical health you may want to read The New Biology and watch The Alkalizing Presentation here.   You can choose whether or not to buy the products (which are great) but at a minimum this information should help you with nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Mental Health

Stress Management

Two items that are helpful with stress management are Stress Management For Lawyers by Amiriam Elwork Ph.D. and the StressEraser.  Dr. Elwork’s book is a short, simple look at personal and professional reasons lawyers experience stress, and what we can do about them.  The StressEraser is a biofeedback device that quickly helps synchronize your breathing with the natural cycle of your heartbeat.  It is especially helpful when stress is interfering with your sleep.


Depression is unfortunately a significant problem for the legal profession.  If you need help or more information you may want to visit https://www.lawyerswithdepression.com/